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Welcome Spring with a delicate meadowy DIY tablesetting

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Spring and Easter are just around the corner and it is time for longer days, (slightly) warmer weather and lunches, brunches and dinners under a lighter sky. Set a delicate table in a pastel colour range marking the change with the help of this free DIY table setting guide.

Spring Easter table setting with painted coloured candles crepe paper flowers turquoise and cream fabric napkins

Mini meadow bouquets

Let us begin by going for a walk. For the middle of the table we are going to create a bunch of small bouquets using whatever Spring greenery you can find. Anything goes! In fact long stems of regular grass can look great as it adds some height to the bouquets.

Important: Some wild meadow plants and flowers are rather frail and do not last long therefore aim to pick your bouquet on the day you are setting the table.


Hand painted candles

Painted candles in pale green pale blue dark blue and cream dots cloves clouds

Though we are in need of less artificial light in the Spring and Summer months there is nothing like a couple of candles to add a bit loveliness to a table. The candles featured here are part of the FAY&MAMIE paint candles kit called LYS*, however, should you wish to do it all on your own here are some pointers:


  • Candles: Most candles can be used but consider which colours of paint you plan to apply as darker colours can be hard to see on darker candles and so forth.

  • Paint: If you plan to burn the candles make sure to use non-toxic (e.g. free of formaldehyde) water based paints; you may consider using paints specifically sold for painting candles (such as Divali candle paints) and wax candle pens also manufactured with the specific purpose of painting candles.

  • Paint tools: First things first, it is not very easy to paint on candles and it is particularly tricky to paint with a regular paint brush as it sort of slips; an easier alternative is to use small sponges and stamps. If you're buying Divali candle paint, these paints typically come in cones which you can paint straight from.

Painting the candles:

  • Hold onto the bottom of the candle and paint starting from the top. Finalise any decoration before moving further down to avoid ruining still wet decorations with you hands.

  • Leave candles to dry over night in their respective candle holders.

Important: always handle lit candles with care and should you wish to store a used candle make sure to submerge the wick of the candle in water first.

*Light or candle in Danish.


Placemats with ruffles

FAY&MAMIE DIY placemats with ruffles in beige and white sewing guide

The final suggestion: Who said ruffles are only for skirts and tops? Make your lunch or dinner table a bit frilly with FAY&MAMIE's FLÆSER* placemats by downloading a sewing guide here. Should you not wish to make your own then there are lots of options out there if you do a quick online search!

*Ruffles in Danish

Enjoy creating your very own Easter table!

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