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Craft a merry berry Christmas table!

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Merry (berry) Christmas! Set a festive Christmas table with finds from a wintery walk, delicate crepe paper berries, a colourful runner and vintage glassware. Read this short guide from FAY&MAMIE.

Pastel coloured garden party table with cloudy blue candles and pink cream napkins

A gorgeous centrepiece

Create a stunning centrepiece with a large branch, or a number of twigs, picked up on a walk in your nearest park or forrest and decorate it with artificial berries and flowers in dark reds and purples.

Berries and flowers of crepe paper, fabric, porcelain or plastic are all suitable, as long as they are attached to bendable metal wires, which you'll use to attach them to the branch.

What to do:

  • STEP 1 If using a series of twigs (rather than one branch), tie them together with wire or string in a discreet colour.

  • STEP 2 Plan your overall layout.

  • STEP 2 Begin by adding your larger berries to build a focal point for your centrepiece.

  • STEP 3 Add smaller berries - some near the larger berries, and others further away.

Here is a visualised guide with more advice:


Berry napkin ring

Vintage glasses salmon and blue colours floral wine glass

Continue the berry theme, and craft a series of festive looking napkin rings.


  • A mix of large and small berries.

  • Fabric or paper napkins (this guide uses napkins from FAY&MAMIE's MIDDAG napkin ring kit).

What to do

  • STEP 1 Bend the wire of a large berry.

  • STEP 2 Twirl the napkin.

  • STEP 3 Put the napkin in the 'U' made by the wire.

  • STEP 4 Twirl 5-6 small dark berries together.

  • STEP 5 Slide in the little berry bunch under the wire of the larger berry.

  • STEP 6 Pinch it all together to make sure everything stays put.

Finished! Onto the next one.

Here is a visualised guide:


Delicately dotted snowy candles

Blue hand painted candles with clouds

Buy a handful of light pink candles and paint them in a dotty pattern referencing snow; consider using a small stamp, such as a cotton stick, as it is easier than painting with a brush.

You'll need:

  • 2-4 light pink candles

  • Cream or white coloured water-based non-toxic acrylic paint

  • Small, round stamp (approximately 3-5mm in diameter)

Instead of sourcing the materials yourself, consider purchasing FAY&MAMIE’s LYS paint candles kit.


Plum coloured table runner

Kids birthday table decoration with placemat and toys

Create a colourful backdrop with a plum or bordeaux coloured table runner.

You’ll need:

  • A piece of fabric roughly the length of your table and 1/3 the width

  • Scissors

  • Optional: Sewing machine & thread in matching colour

What to do

  • With the scissors, cut fabric so it approximately measures the length of your table x 1/3 of the width of your table

  • Optional: finish off the edges with a zigzag stitch using your sewing machine or overlocker machine.

do-it-yourself black and white ceramic beads candle ring

Colourful vintageware

Finish off the table in complementary colours by using colourful vintage glasses. There is no need to have the same design of glassware for the whole table, a mixed setup adds to the charm!

All the beautiful images in this guide are by photographer Liesel Böckl.

Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy setting your own merry berry Christmas table!


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