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Set the blanket for a gorgeous picnic

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

How to set a gorgeous picnic? It’s not so straightforward in fact. You typically wouldn’t bring your fancy dinner plates, as they might break, and then there’s challenge of getting it all to the park (yes, I’m thinking of all you urbanites whose main means of transport is the bus and tube!).

picnicscape on a llght blue and cream coloured blanket with pink napkin rings cream turquoise fabric napkins and a picnic basket

Skip the random looking picnics this year with their old tupperware and too-loved too-stained blankets. Set a gorgeous picnic with the help of this free DIY picnicscape guide using items from around the house and a couple of handy DIY bits.

Tablecloths & bedcovers as blankets

You may only have one actual picnic blanket in your house and it has probably seen better days, right? Consider using a bedcover or a tablecloth instead! In the above picture, a bedcover is serving as a lovely creamy-pastel coloured picnic backdrop. Scroll further down and see imagery of picnics using tablecloths as an alternative to blankets.

The napkins and napkin rings are from FAY&MAMIE.


Kitchen towels & placemats as serveware

Picnic in light green colours with gingham placemat cream napkins and animal print napkin rings

Avoid any breakage by displaying and wrapping your food in placemats and kitchen towels. In the above picture, a handful of scrumptious looking doughnuts are displayed on FAY&MAMIE's FLÆSER* DIY placemats.

The napkins and napkin rings are from FAY&MAMIE.

*Ruffles in Danish.


Decorate with napkin rings

FAY&MAMIE DIY REGNBUE rainbow napkin ring peach coloured fabric napkin white and pink vintage tablecloth and vintage ceramic cutlery

A final handy little trick is using some colourful napkins and napkin rings such as these from FAY&MAMIE. A couple of napkin ring are probably the easiest way to quick spruce up that blanket!

See FAY&MAMIE MIDDAG* napkin ring kit and create a set of four or six napkin rings including handsewn napkins for only £25.

*Midday or dinner in Danish.

Enjoy your picnic!


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