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Create a bewitching Halloween table

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

How much do you like orange? I can't say I'm the greatest fan, so I thought I'd attempt a non-pumpkin themed Halloween table this year. Below is a quick guide to how to set a similar table yourself. Have fun!

Festive halloween autumn table setting with dusty plum table runner, light pink painted candles diy napkin rings in purple gold dried flower bouquet

Sparkly do-it-yourself napkin rings

Craft a set of sparkly, festive napkin rings from thick elastic ribbon with FAY&MAMIE’s MIDDAG* napkin ring kit. No sewing required! You simply divide the ribbon into four even lengths and ‘fuse’ the ends together using the especially made fabric tape.

Here is a video showing you how easy the kit is to assemble:

*Midday or dinner in Danish.

Folded FAY&MAMIE made-to-wrinkle wrinkled table runner in light plum colour with rough edges on worn table with white paint

Dark, mysterious table runner

An easy why to upgrade your table from everyday to festive is by adding a runner - you can either buy one, or simply make one from a length of fabric (see how in a previous edition of BORD).

Photo: Liesel Bockl, 2021 London, Sheen House Studios.

table setting with dried bouquet of flowers and leaves in a light pink glass vase on a plum purple table runner

*Dead* dried flowers bouquet

Decorate the table with a *dead* (i.e. dried) bouquet of flowers in keeping with this deadly occasion!

How to:

  • Buy a fresh bouquet of flowers

  • Put it on your table - and enjoy!

  • When it starts looking tired, wrap it in an elastic band and hang it upside down

  • After 1-2 weeks, most flowers should be dry

  • Sort flowers (some flowers may not have dried very well, remove those)

  • Re-arrange bouquet in a vase - and place on table!

Three light pink candles hand painted with dots snow drops in cream white on top of plum coloured table runner and on a dark bordeaux background

Painted candles

Get a hold of some candles in a matching colour to the runner; add a personal touch by painting them, for example, in a dotty pattern as shown above. The dots are easily done using a small round stamp rather than attempting to paint on the candle using a brush.

You'll need:

  • 2-4 candles

  • Non-toxic acrylic paint

  • Small, round stamp (approximately 3mm width)

Instead of sourcing the materials yourself, consider purchasing FAY&MAMIE’s LYS* paint candles kit.

*Candle or light in Danish.

golden cutlery on top of plum purple coloured table runner in double-gauze cotton

Golden cutlery

Complete the table with glowing, golden cutlery complementing the dusty plums, dried yellows and pinks of the table runner, dried bouquet and candles.

Have fun crafting your very own bewitching Halloween table!

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