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Hi there!
Thank you for visiting FAY&MAMIE.
I’m Sidsel and FAY&MAMIE is my baby.
I’m a former corporate marketer and management consultant with a big passion for arts & crafts. 
After moving from Copenhagen to London, I founded FAY&MAMIE because I found that interior products (tableware, cushions, candles) were missing something. Everything I saw was too pricey or felt a bit boring. I’ve been looking, trust me.

All FAY&MAMIE products are high-quality, do-it-yourself kits because I believe in the value of adding a personal touch to your home and what you wear. I hope you do too.

Today, FAY&MAMIE offers interior DIY kits for the home but I have a bunch of lifestyle related kits just about to launch. FAY&MAMIE is still a small business but I’ve got lots of plans!

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How does a FAY&MAMIE kit work?

Upcycled & re-usable packaging
All kits come wrapped in a piece of cloth which can be used as placemats, runners and kitchen towels at a later stage. All are handmade from  a mix of re-used and new fabric. Colours vary due to the up-cycled nature of the fabric.

All included, do-it-youself
FAY&MAMIE creates easy-to-assemble interior and lifestyle kits enabling you to add a cool and personal touch to your home and outfit. All supplies are included (no sewing machines & scissors though!).

A thoughtful gift to crafty friend
All kits from beautifully wrapped and serve as a lovely gift to a friend with a creative interest.

Add a personal touch 
All kits have a customisable element so you can design it just the way you like it.

A flow of new designs 
Go to FAY&MAMIE’s how to page for get-started video tutorials.

Visit BORD Magazine and @fayandmamie as new designs to existing kits are constantly added.