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Paint candles with cherry motifs

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Are you also candle obsessed? Try creating your very own unique candles using this guide where I show you how to decorate your candles with a cute cherry motif.

Purple candle with hand-painted cherries in red and white

You need the following supplies:

  • Tapered dinner candles in a colour of your choosing

  • Two non-toxic water-based paints, preferably in paint cones

  • Small, circular stamp/dabber (approximately 6mm in diameter)

  • Plate

  • Candle holder

Instead of sourcing the materials yourself, considering getting FAY&MAMIE’s candle painting kit called LYS* which includes three paint cones in the colours of your choosing as well as a series of stamps in different sizes.

*Light or candle in Danish.


Getting started

Vintage glasses salmon and blue colours floral wine glass

With a pair of sharp scissors, cut off approximately 1 millimetre of the tip of each paint cone.


How to paint the berries

Using the paint chosen for the berries part of the cherry, squeeze paint onto plate.

Dip your stamp into the paint several times to create an even and thin layer of paint.

Apply paint onto candle while ‘wiggling’ the stamp a bit to accommodate the curvature of the candle (see video).

Create two circular paint dots next to each other and move onto another place on the candle and repeat the motif.

When you’re happy with the number of cherry berries, set the candle aside to dry for 10 minutes or so.


How to paint the stems & leaf

Use circular movements as shown on image to paint a heart.

Here is a video to show you all the steps:

For more candle painting guides, see @fayandmamie on Instagram and sign up for FAY&MAMIE's newsletter.

Have fun!



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