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Create your own Valentine's candles with tiny hearts

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Candles are such an easy way to set the mood for a romantic dinner. How about decorating the candles with tiny hearts for a final personal touch?!

Here is a quick guide to decorating your candles with heart motifs.

Purple candle with hand-painted cherries in red and white

I’m using the LYS* paint candles DIY kit which includes three paint cones in different shades. Painting with paint cones is in my opinion a lot easier than painting with brushes, as the paint comes directly from the cone; painting with brushes requires regularly dipping the brush in paint risking lumps and bumps.

*Light or candle in Danish.


Getting set up before you start painting your candle

Vintage glasses salmon and blue colours floral wine glass

Wipe down the candle with a damp cloth to remove any dirt. Keep the cloth to hand to wipe off any paint mistakes as you go along.

Make sure you have a candleholder within reach to place the candle in after painting it.

Cut off tip of cone - careful not cutting off too much! I recommend only removing approximately 1 millimetre to begin with.

Start by painting from the top of the candle and then downward (to not smear anything).


How to create the tiny heart motif on a candle

The heart consists of two ovals slightly overlapping. Use circular movements as shown on this image to paint a heart.

Here is a video showing you how I paint hearts:

When you're happy with how your candle looks, place it in the candleholder to dry for at least 15 minutes. The drying time depends on how much paint you've added.

For more candle painting guides, see @fayandmamie on Instagram and sign up for FAY&MAMIE's newsletter.

Have fun!

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