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FAY&MAMIE lampshade sewing guide on transparent background

Give your old rice paper lamp a new life with this simple lampshade sewing guide from FAY&MAMIE! Find a fabric that you love - and off you go!


The LYSPUNKT* sewing guide takes you through every step with visuals and text based descriptions.


The dimensions utilised in the sewing guide assumes you have either an IKEA 'REGNSKUR (50 cm)' lamp or any round rice paper lamp with the approximate dimensions: 45 cm (height) and 165 cm (circumference). The principles of the sewing guide can be used on other lamp sizes but will require changes to the dimensions included in the guide.


The lampshade can be sewn by hand, but it is recommended to have a sewing machine at your disposal.


Important: this is a digital product comprising of a pdf document. Sewing materials, such as fabric and sewing thread are not included.


*'Silver lining' or 'bright spot' in Danish.

LYSPUNKT lampshade (sewing guide)

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