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Create an Easter egg tree with stationery stickers, tape and paper flowers

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Add a fun twist to this year’s Easter egg tree crafting, use bright stationery stickers, artificial berries and flowers as your decorative supplies!

You need the following supplies:

  • Round stationery stickers, size small (approximately 0.5cm diameter)

  • Round stationery stickers, size medium (approximately 1cm diameter)

  • Narrow stationery name tags (approximately 0.4 cm x 3 cm)

  • Eggs

  • Twigs & branches

  • Large, wide needle

  • Long, thin needle

  • Beads with large holes

  • Ribbon (maximum 0.5 cm width)

  • Sewing thread (any colour)

  • Scissors

  • Small bowl

  • Artificial flowers and buds


Prepare the eggs

Take the first egg and make a 3-5 mm diameter hole in both ends of the egg making the hole at the wider bottom bigger than at the top.

Use your large needle to break up the yolk inside making it easier to blow out later.

Wipe the egg clean. Hold it over the bowl and blow into the bigger hole in order for the egg white and yolk to come out. You may need to blow quite hard!

When the egg appears to be empty, place is back in the egg tray on a piece of damp kitchen towel to soak up any final residue seeping out of the egg.

Onto the next egg.

When all eggs are done, clean them in hot soapy water.


The egg designs

Small child holding Easter egg decorated with daisies
Photography by Liesel Böckl


Start by adding a ‘belt’ roughly onto the middle of the egg using your narrow tape. The reason why you cannot use regular size tape, is the curvature of the egg; the tape will wrinkle as you press it down onto the egg.

Onto the daisies. Start by adding a narrow name tag vertically onto the egg belt so you make a cross. This is your first two flower petals. Clockwise, add three additional name tags like this:

To finish off, add a round sticker in the middle. Your first daisy is finished!

Depending on the length of your name tags, you should have room for two more daisies on the egg.

Fanned belt

Details of Easter egg tree by FAY&MAMIE with paper flowers
Photography by Liesel Böckl

Using the smallest round stationery stickers, create a small belt around roughly the middle of the egg.

Take your round, medium sized round stickers and while still stuck onto the paper backing, cut them into halves.

Stick the halved stickers above and below the belt of small, round stickers like this:


FAY&MAMIE Easter table setting with Easter egg tree with stationery stickers on eggs
Photography by Liesel Böckl

Using a variety of round sticker sizes, decorate the egg in a 'random', clustered design. Add stickers next to each other as well as some slightly overlapping.

Add ribbons & beads

Easter egg tree with three eggs decorated with tape and artificial berries
Photography by Liesel Böckl

Cut a 20 cm length of ribbon and make a small, tight knot toward the ends of the ribbon tying them together making a circle. Make sure the know is smaller than the larger hole at the bottom of the egg.

Pull your sewing thread through the ribbon circle and thread your thinner needle with both ends of the sewing thread like this:

Push the needle through the hole at the bottom of the egg all the way through the top hole.

Continue to pull the thread through the egg until the ribbon appears at the top hole. Keep pulling, until the entire ribbon is through the egg leaving just the ribbon knot inside keeping the ribbon from exiting the small hole at the top of the egg.

Remove the sewing thread and add a bead onto ribbon.

Your egg is finished!

Artificial flowers & buds

Toddler making Easter eggs
Photography by Liesel Böckl

Finish off your Easter egg tree with artificial flowers and buds.

Have fun!

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